Description of Pump Operation

The AQUAMAT Nose Pump for livestock is a diaphragm pump with a pumping lever which the animal pushes with its nose. The elongated drinking bowl has a slight slope towards the back, away from the animal. When the pump is first set up, the pump lever must be operated until water is brought up into the bowl. The water in the back of the drinking bowl attracts the thirsty animal, and it quickly learns to push the lever out of its way to reach the "bait" water. This lever push is one pump stroke and brings more water into the bowl. When the animal drinks all the water and pulls its head away, the lever is released to make a "back stroke" and more water is brought into the bowl as the lever returns to its initial position. There is always some water left in the bowl to act as "bait" to attract the next animal.

After a few weeks, cattle have been observed to use the nose pumps like a tool. Cows learn to first push the lever 3 or 4 times to fill the drinking bowl to the top, and then drink! Others place their nose in the middle of the bowl, and with smooth, short nudges of the pump lever, keep a continuous supply of water coming into the bowl as they drink!

AQUAMAT Nose Pumps are connected to the water source through a 1 inch suction hose and a spring loaded foot valve with a screen that meets fisheries requirements. This foot valve can be installed in the water source at any angle - it does not need to be suspended horizontally, as do gravity operated foot valves. The foot valve may be tied to a concrete block, or placed inside a 5 gallon plastic food service bucket with holes, to keep it up out of the stream bottom sediment. The intake screen can be unscrewed for cleaning if debris gets into the valve.

AQUAMAT Nose Pumps do not require any electrical, solar, or water power for their operation. The pumping power is supplied by the livestock pushing on the pump lever.

The AQUAMAT Nose Pump is unique in that it can not only be used by cattle , but because its pumping action is so light to operate, it can be used by horses and calves as well.





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